Thursday, April 9, 2009

Take Your Chances

You could hedge your bets, racing down a small road out in the boonies.  You could assume that you'll not only survive the crash, but still be alive when EMS finds your body 40 feet from the side of the road.  You could hope that the three fractured vertebrae diagnosed in the small town ER don't sever your spinal cord and leave you paralyzed.  And you can pray that you remain properly immobilized during your helicopter flight to the Big City ICU and arrive without any neuro deficits.

And every so often, you might just get lucky and beat the odds.

Or, you could wear your seat belt.    


Anonymous said...

So what if there are MILLIONS of cases proving seatbelt effectiveness? My cousin Jimmy told me that this one time in Montana this one guy was not wearing it and would have died if he was...

Don't you get sick of hearing that?

NEMed2 said...

The more people use seatbelts the less I get to play with all my toys.-- Some people just prefer the multi system trauma to a little chest discomfort when the seatbelt pulls you back. *sigh*