Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Move Along Folks

Every patient has a right to privacy, whether they act like they want it or not.  That includes the hot mess staging a meltdown in the triage bay, as she swears like a sailor and attacks the security officers with her nails while spitting at the tech taking her vitals.  So even if you're the very pleasant family members who I have enjoyed talking to while taking care of your sick elderly mother, I'm still going to ask you to stop gawking from the hallway.  This isn't TV, it's not a sideshow, and though you may roll your eyes as I ask you for a second time to return to your mother's room, remember that, despite her behavior, the patient at triage is entitled to the same standard of care as your mother.  Something tells me you wouldn't like if strangers started sticking their heads into Mom's room, so please, offer others the same courtesy.

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