Thursday, April 2, 2009

The End

In the flood of valedictory articles that have appeared online over the past week to commemorate ER's final episode (airing tonight on NBC), several have commented on the many contributions the show has made over its 15 years.  The popularization of the steadicam and fast-paced medical jargon in TV dramas, an increased interest in emergency medicine residencies, and greater awareness of medical issues presented on the show have all been listed.

According to this article from the LA Times health blog, however, ER's lasting legacy might be screwing up a generation of medical education.  The article discusses a Canadian study that found medical dramas were the second most cited source of training for intubation skills, and that ER does it all wrong.  

As I watch ER for its entertainment and not its didactic value, I plan on enjoying tonight's finale.  Besides, I get more than enough evidence-based, real-world education from House.

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