Monday, April 27, 2009


Received a transfer from Another Hospital the other night, a (surprise!) no-helmet motorcyclist who was on the losing end of a collision with another vehicle at 45 mph.  Multiple facial and rib fractures, flail chest, splenic lac and head bleed.  One tube helping him breath and another draining the blood from his chest.  The worst part?  He was still fairly with it the entire time.  He could move his extremities (thankfully), squeeze your hand in response to questions, and motion when he was in pain.  I couldn't imagine being conscious in that condition and not being able to speak or open my eyes.

He's got a long recovery ahead.  Please, wear a helmet.

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OHN said...

I just forwarded this to my 19 year old that is chomping to get a motorcycle. This is the child that is the reason I have a prescription for xanax :)