Monday, April 13, 2009

Stat Hydrocarbon Therapy

After dealing with two major traumas in my first 30 minutes over the weekend, I helped work on an unresponsive female transfered from a nursing home by EMS.  She arrived with weak and shallow respirations after being bagged en route, barely withdrawing to pain.  Unable to get a pulse ox, we prepared for a rapid intubation.  As the nurses started drawing up meds and the resident attempted to visualize the patient's cords, the charge nurse entered the room to help document.

Turning to the nurse who was in the middle of pushing etomidate, she wryly informed us that the patient next door was complaining of very dry lips, and was wondering why her nurse had not been by to give her some vaseline.

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EE said...

Dry lips are an emergency you know. Gotta keep the Press Ganey up.