Wednesday, April 22, 2009

High Holiday

Even though 4/20 has come and gone, it appears that people remain committed to their observances.  Yet another young gentleman made his way dazed and confused into the ER last night, in a cold panic that "you know, those dudes" were trying to raise his blood pressure.  He could, of course, feel it rising to dangerous levels, and came to be checked out.  Recognizing that his BP of 126/78 put him in immediate danger of stroking out, the triage nurse brought him back for an hour or two of "therapeutic wait" spent staring at the brightly colored monitor.  After a while, he felt that his BP had "venished," and we pointed him in the direction of the exit.

Five minutes later, we got a call from radiology asking us if the stoner trying to find his way out of an X-ray room belonged to us.

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